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Electro Chemical Activation Technology

Select, control and Improve organic processing


Electro chemical activation is an environmentally safe process for water treatment needs. In order to generate electro-chemically active, envoronmentally friendly, highly active solutions of anolyte or catholyte, a diluted saline solution is passed through a flow through electrolyzer. Noble Eco Systems flow through electrolyser consists of two chambers separated by a diaphragm with anode and cathode made of titanium or other rare metals. The electric current is passed through the saline solution in the electrolyzer which induces reaction and separates the anolyte and catholyte solutions. The diaphragm separates the anolyte and catholyte and keeps them apart and prevents mixing.

Three different products are produced using ECA technology which includes, anolyte, catholyte and ANK solution containing ions from both anolyte and catholyte. Products are produced as reactive ions or reactive free radicals or reactive molecules. Each product has their respective advantages built up by oxidation or reduction potential (ORP).


Electro-chemical activation technology : Advantages

  • Leaves no synthetic chemical residue
  • On-site generation
  • Easy, safe storage and handling
  • Highly sporocidal
  • Low energy Consumption
  • No transport or storage problem
  • Reduces activation processing time
  • Overtime, solutions reverts back to a weak saline solution
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